How does your service stand out?

I offer unlimited, no charge phone and email consultations leading up to your event or portrait session. I also offer one in-person consultation at no charge to discuss your upcoming wedding or event (portrait sessions excluded). After all photo sessions and events, I offer one additional free in-person consultation to go over your photos and to address your ordering needs. Satisfying my client’s needs is a top priority for me; therefore, I make sure to respond to all client emails and voice messages on the same day, usually within an hour.

On the day of your photo session or event I arrive prepared, on-time (most times way early) and, ready to capture your photos. During sessions and events, I feel it is important to have fun and create a relaxed atmosphere to make certain that I capture photos of you that are both natural and flattering. I provide posing direction as needed or I can capture moments that are more candid – whichever fits the scene and situation best. I am also very open to my client’s ideas about how they would like their photos to look and I always look for their feedback before and during photo sessions.

I retouch all of my photos using Photoshop and Lightroom. My goal in retouching is just enough to make you look your best but keeping things natural. Stray garbage cans in photo backgrounds never look good and neither does that random blemish or zit so, I will edit these out in post-production. Of course, I am always open to client feedback with regards to my use of Photoshop in photos. This is something I always ask before an event or portrait session.


What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I love meeting new people and having the opportunity to capture photos that are meaningful, memorable and artistic. Getting to know a little about my clients is also very important to me.   I love to look for opportunities to artistically incorporate aspects of my client’s personalities into their photos.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Meetup BTSI am constantly learning about photography from online forums and training.  I also network with other professionals once or twice monthly to exchange and practice new techniques.

Photo credit: Tom Spatig

How did you get started doing this type of work?

From a very young age, I had a strong interest in photography.  From my first film camera at age 6 to my photo class in high school where I learned to develop black and white film to present day where I found a new love in digital photography.  My father was also a portrait photographer in the 1960’s so, I guess you can say that I had a strong roll model and teacher that definitely influenced my passion for taking and making photos.

What is your typical process for working with a new client?

Communication with my clients is very important to me.  Prior to any event or portrait session, I enjoy meeting my clients beforehand to discuss the vision and details of the job.  I also like to follow up with my clients just before the event or session to see if there are any last minute questions or concerns.  Most of all, I want to make sure my new customers feel welcome and comfortable, hopefully so much so that they will return for future photo needs.

John Mullenix
phone: 813.494.1459
fax:      866.891.2991

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